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So, I've been meaning to make this post for, oh, about three days now. But, with one thing and another (work, work, driving all over Ontario for work, and making the icon to grace this post), I hadn't quite gotten to it yet.

However, I am now doing it. I am posting gushing praise (and pictures) of this past weekend's horse show.

Pre-show. This is Am on Elan Noir, the horse she has been riding for the past four months. Also, this is the pic that I shrunk for the icon.

Trotting past during the flat course. I'm pretty sure this was the hunter under saddle part. They rocked for that one!

Cantering during the over fences portion of the show. Such grace, such style, such panache. And the horse doesn't look bad either.

And here are the girls with their ribbons. Four classes, four ribbons. They got one fifth, two fourths and ... first place in hunter under saddle!!!!!eleventy!111

Much fun was had by all. And did I mention my kid rocks? Cuz she totally does. Yep, uh huh, yeahsureyabetcha!

And we get to do it all again this weekend. Except ... cue ominous music of foreboding here ... she has to ride a different horse! Oh no, you say? Yes, yes she does.

So, we headed out to the barn today to try the new horsie out. She'll be showing him on Sunday and so far she's spent a total of about ... hmmmm, forty minutes on his back. And that includes six jumps. She'll ride him flat again for an hour (probably) on Friday and maybe again on Saturday. Damn, my girl has guts! Or, as the ironworker said, "She's got balls!"

I shall endeavour to post pictures of the next show too. Don't worry, I'll warn for parental pride and gushing again. And I'll warn for the prettiness of the horse. He's a palomino. He's all gold and pretty and ... did I mention pretty?

So, there we go, gushing done. Preparations for future gushing completed. I now return you to the regularly scheduled silence of my LJ.
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