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lend me your ear. I come not to praise my computer, but to

As some of you may remember from my last (oh so long ago) post, I have been having some a few metric shit tonnes of problems with my computer since ... April. Huh, didn't realize it's been that long. No wonder I'm cranky.

So, after having myself wiped forever from the annals of Googlemail, losing part of my data, recovering some of my data, and generally being held hostage to the whim of the whirring monster on my desk ... I brought the damn thing in again to have it repaired. Still under warranty, good. Will ghost the hard drive I didn't have a chance to back up again after the latest melt down, good. Shouldn't be that difficult says the tech guy, good.

One month later, I get the computer back. The ghost of my hard drive? Truly invisible. My baby is wiped cleaner than an obsessive compulsive's kitchen. New main board, says the paper. Let's run Vista for the first time, says the screen. Okay, so I do. Then, I start tracking down all my links to the interwebs again. I put back some of the data I have on my stick drive. I start setting new high scores on Minesweeper. Not the greatest thing ever, but hey, we can rebuild.

Then, tonight, I get home, try to boot up the damn thing, and ... wait for it ... yep, you guessed it. The SAME DAMN THING happened again. I am not a happy camper. I'm guessing the problem wasn't the board. Or the power supply (which I also replaced). Or the fan.

At least it's still under warranty. And I think that after I get through with the tech guys at the fine establishment where I purchased this fucking lemon they'll be happy to give me a new computer if I promise to leave without completing their eviseration.

But if they aren't? We're gonna be pouring tonnes of concrete on site so I have the perfect place to hide their bodies. Right next to the carcass of this damn computer.
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