Nov. 8th, 2006

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under a load of work.

Cut for blathering about work related insanity )
But why is my creative drowning, you ask? Well, because I keep having all these great ideas for the stories I'm working on. But then work and its demands wash over the ideas. I end up with soggy ideas scribbled on bits of paper and no energy to write them. I wanna write, dammit!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't had this many creative impulses in months. Damn, all those folks who claimed I thrive on stress might be right. Nah, that'd be silly. *g*

As a service to myself, and to have a record whereby those of you who care (and yes, I mean you) can nudge and generally harrass me to get these damn things written, I am making a little list of the somewhat waterlogged ideas. I'm putting it behind a cut since I feel I should make you work for it. If you like any of these ideas, feel free to nag me ... in about a week.

Fic what needs waterwings )

That is all.
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And just because I feel compelled to spam my flist ...

I had coffee today with [ profile] ancarett and it was awesome. We talked of fannish things. We laughed at fannish ways, including our own. And I wasn't at work for an hour. I played hooky. Heeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Everyone should have a fannish friend that they can see in real life.


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