Jun. 7th, 2007

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So, it seems that the Senators lost last night. And they lost big ... 6-2. What the hell is that? Anyway, they went down, four games to one, and the damn Ducks get to keep Lord Stanley's Cup. This, in and of itself, is a sad, sad thing. But there is worse, people!

You see, in a fit of optimism (I really should have known better, the Sens have choked every year in the playoffs) I made a little wager with [livejournal.com profile] cmk418. Now, to be honest, the Leafs are more my team than the Sens. And the Blackhawks are her addiction, not the Ducks. But, well, these teams made it to the finals, and they happen to be within our respective geo-political areas (state for her, province for me), so we callowly switched our allegiances. Yes, we jumped on those Cup-covered bandwagons. I know, shallow of me. But really, did you expect any different? I embrace my shallowness, people!

Anyway, I may have taunted that I would be eating roast Duck by the end of this thing. And she may have suggested that the person who lives closest to the losing team should write a request fic for the person who lives closest to the winning team. And I may have agreed. Oh, when will I ever learn not to wager?

So, hon ... hit me with your request. I may have to sit in a trailer for nine hours on Saturday. That should produce fic, no?

And if anyone else wants a specific fic/pairing/chance to berate me for not finishing the fic I already owe you, this would be the time to speak up.


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