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2011-02-21 07:26 pm
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they say it's your birthday

Well happy birthday to ya!

For my dear birthday celebrating friend [personal profile] aithine who likely thinks I have been eaten by polar bears here in the great white north

A short birthday story )
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2009-06-29 10:28 pm
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Proud parent posting

So, Thing Two had her grade 8 graduation last Thursday night. Grade 8 grad was NOT like this when I was there. Oh well. They got dressed up, and had a dance afterward. And they all looked like 21 year olds!

I have the pics to prove it. )
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2009-06-18 10:29 pm
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My job, it is hectic

So, found out I got the job last Friday. Got a phone call from new boss yesterday (Wednesday). New boss says "Can you start next week?" I say, of course. Cool, says she, you'll need to be in London, Ontario for training, intakey stuff on Monday. Gah!!!!!!!

Things have been a bit hectic here since yesterday. Had to reschedule father's day stuff with my dad as I'll be driving to London on Sunday. Had to find a hotel to stay at. Still have to find someone to drive Thing 2 to guitar lessons on Monday night. Then, looked at wardrobe only to discover that I no longer own much of anything that could be described as "business casual". Ack, must shop tomorrow night. Good thing I like it when things are hectic.

*superseekrit message to ancarett: barn is changed to late Sat. afternoon/early evening that work for you?*
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2009-06-13 08:44 pm
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I Can Has Job!

So, for those of you who don't know, I have been running a safety consulting business for the past few years, here in my beautiful hometown. I work mostly with construction companies, and some commercial clients. And they work mostly with the two big nickel (hee, a pun) companies here in town.

Well, those two nickel giants are well on their way to rolling up the sidewalks here. They've announced layoffs and shutdowns, and there is a possible strike or lock out coming at one of them. This has not boded well for my future (or current, for that matter) employment. So, I've been trying to get myself a permanent, steady job with someone else for a few months now.

I had resigned myself, and the children (sometimes known as Thing 1 and Thing 2), to having to leave town for work. In fact, we almost moved to Edmonton, but they found someone local for that job. So, there I was, not pleased and looking even farther afield, when Canada Post called me about a job as a Health and Safety Officer I had applied for months ago. Long story short ... I got the damned job!

Now, not only will we not have to move, I gonna be workin' for the gov'mint. And we all know you pretty much have to kill someone to lose a government job. Bwahahahahahah! I got it made, kids.

So, yeah, I'm a little relieved. Can you tell? Gonna reduce a lot of stress around here. Gonna go do some more happy dancing now.
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2008-10-27 08:58 pm
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Holy Shit! I bought a horse

So, um, yeah, we bought a horse on Saturday. She's a four year old, bay mare. Green broke. Thoroughbred. Her registered name is Majestic Jet. We changed her barn name to Maia. Pictures under the cut.

Our horse, let me show you it )
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2008-10-15 09:32 pm
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Friends, LJ users, countrymen ...

lend me your ear. I come not to praise my computer, but to bury it. )
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2008-05-06 11:00 pm
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Is this thing on?

Gather Round Children ...

And listen to my tale of woe )
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2008-02-08 10:30 pm
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Holy shit! I bought a house

So, um, yeah, I know I haven't posted in forever. Long story short ... work, work and more work. But I've started a new(ish) job. Same field, human hours. I even have supper with my kids every day! This is a good thing, as they threatened to divorce me.

Seeing as work would no longer be providing me with the amount of stress I've become accustomed to ... I bought a house. It's 91 years old, and it's adorable. Five bedrooms, two bathrooms, garage, partially finished basement. And we love it. We move in April 30.

Here's a picture of the outside. Oh, about the snow? We've actually had about three times that much snow this year, but it keeps melting between storms. Thank god!

Wow, I can't believe I bought a house. Mostly because it means I have to start packing again. Argh!

PS - Five bedrooms means lots of room for visitors. Hint Hint [livejournal.com profile] aithine
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2007-07-18 09:48 pm
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CAUTION: Proud Parent Posting

So, I've been meaning to make this post for, oh, about three days now. But, with one thing and another (work, work, driving all over Ontario for work, and making the icon to grace this post), I hadn't quite gotten to it yet.

However, I am now doing it. I am posting gushing praise (and pictures) of this past weekend's horse show.

Here there be horsies )
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2007-02-15 09:34 pm
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Birthday Wishes

Huge Happies to [livejournal.com profile] salzanetta.

You can't see it, but I'm doing a lovely birthday dance for you!!!!!!!!!!

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2006-12-23 07:56 pm
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More vacation pics

Okay kids, we got more pics.  The first three are from yesterday, when the weather was fantastic and we spent six hours beside the pool.  The last two are from today.  The wind picked up a little and we had some cloud cover.  Made for a beautiful sunrise and some nice little white caps foaming over the reef.

Nothing but blue skyKids plus extra
Nothing but blue sky

Kids plus extra



Windy day today 
Windy day today


And look at me making the rich text work.  Yay me!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2006-12-21 07:08 pm
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I think this might work

Okay, lemme see if I can do this all by my little self.

Drumroll please .............

A Room with a View A Room with a View
Think I can do a half gainer from here? Think I can do a half gainer from here?
Eighteen holes of gorgeousness Eighteen holes of gorgeousness
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water
The hotel beach facing west The hotel beach facing west
The hotel beach facing east The hotel beach facing east
Huh, this water is wet Huh, this water is wet
I like this beach I like this beach

ETA: Of course, if you wish to see the titles of the pictures, you have to highlight the whole damn page. They are to the right of the pics. And no, I have no idea why LJ hates me so. *le sigh*
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2006-12-21 06:47 pm
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This is me ...

IN BERMUDA!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111!!!!!!!!!

Okay, seriously have NO inclination to go home ever again. We landed to a beautiful day with light cloud cover and a temperature hovering around 20 C, that'd be 70s to you fareheit folks. I have used the word balmy before. I even thought I understood the word balmy before. I was wrong. This place? Is balmy. And beautiful, did I mention beautiful?

The roads are narrow and twisty, with stone retaining walls. The houses and hotels are pastel coloured with white roofs that are used to catch the rain for drinking water. The palm trees are decorated at our hotel with literally thousands of mini Christmas lites. And the view? They upgraded us to an ocean view room with a balcony. This, my friends, is heaven.

I already killed a set of batteries on the camera. *snerk* But I shall try to figure out how to upload photos to the gallery later tonight or tomorrow. Without [livejournal.com profile] aithine to help me, I might just be screwed. Oh, wait, I don't care ... I'm on vacation in Bermuda.

For the record, the kids have already been in the ocean at the beach. It wasn't quite intentional, but hey, the footing was treacherous what with the fact that they were giggling and shoving each other.

I'm sure I have much more gushing to do, but I'm arm wrestling the kid for computer time. She has to keep all her peeps updated on MSN. Sheesh, it'd be much easier if she had LJ. Dear lord, pretend I never said that!

Wish me luck with the gallery thing! Oh, and by the way ... Bermuda is beautiful.
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2006-12-18 10:18 pm
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Countdown to Bermuda

In two and a half days, I will be in Bermuda. Let there be much rejoicing.

I really, really need this vacation. Particularly after another day dealing with idiots at work. I mean, I only have to get through two days this week. Two days. How hard could it be? Well, when dealing with contractors who have their own heads so far up their asses that they have to drill through their belly buttons to see daylight ... it's hard. *sigh*

On the upside ... Bermuda. Now, if I could only finish the thousand and one things I have to finish before I leave, everything will be just fine.
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2006-12-07 09:59 pm
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Note to self

Dear self,

Driving to Toronto, sitting in the passport office for over three hours, then driving home again in one day is a BAD idea. It is an even worse idea if they are forecasting snow in the Barrie area. Keep this in mind when it is time to renew the passports.

Love (in a very tired way) me.
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2006-12-06 08:23 pm
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Birthday Smooches

To my dear friend and pseudo-sister, [livejournal.com profile] blade_girl.

I called her this morning and sang a somewhat modified version of the birthday song. What? She liked it. Honest.

And, I was hoping to have fic for her ... but, well, not quite finished yet. I will get it done soon. Really. And she will like it, because it is her present. *vbg*

Anyway. I hope your day was fantastic. I hope other people sang birthday songs for you, even if they didn't put giraffes in their's. I hope the kid remembered to make a fuss over you. Most of all, I hope you remember that you are wuvvvvvvvvvvved.

Happy Birthday from me and the giraffes.
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2006-11-16 11:16 pm
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In Other News

I am deader than a dead thing. Remember how excited I was that my sister could take some of the work load? Bwahahahahah! I crack myself up. By my calculations, I'm about 25 hours behind on paperwork. And I'm running to stand still. Eeep!

So, I have caved. We're having dinner with our future employee on Monday night. It's the first night we're all free. This means I should have an employee (holy shit! I'm gonna be a boss) in about two weeks. This may mean I'll get to have a life outside work again.

This also means I'll get to write again. I wrote some last weekend, but I finished nothing. I promise I'll have the crack fic finished this weekend, [livejournal.com profile] cmk418. And I'll work on that prompt, [livejournal.com profile] blade_girl. No, really.

In other news ... in exactly 35 days, I will be parking my ass on a beach in Bermuda. But who's counting?
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2006-11-08 07:55 pm
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(no subject)

And just because I feel compelled to spam my flist ...

I had coffee today with [livejournal.com profile] ancarett and it was awesome. We talked of fannish things. We laughed at fannish ways, including our own. And I wasn't at work for an hour. I played hooky. Heeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Everyone should have a fannish friend that they can see in real life.
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2006-02-21 08:41 am
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Birthday Smooches

To [livejournal.com profile] aithine who deserves much love, and maybe some porn.

So, my darling, (and anyone else who reads this journal), leave a request in the comments and I shall write porn. The request can be in the form of a specific pairing (um, John/Rodney?), or fandom, or just a couple or three words as prompt for pornfic.

Let there be birthday porn!!!!!!!
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2005-10-24 09:57 pm
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I'm Baaaaack

Well, I have been to Colorado and returned safely. Bet some of ya didn't even know I was gone. *bg*

The majority of this post is behind an lj-cut for your own protection. The story of my trip is interesting to me, but likely only to one or two of you, so I have hidden it away so as to be easily ignored. For those of you who just want the short version ...

There was a long trip like thing, and Colorado is incredibly beautiful, and [livejournal.com profile] aithine and [livejournal.com profile] lyrstzha are awesome, and I am disturbingly obsessed by things fannish and giraffes, and I work with idiots, and now I'm home.

For those of you willing to wade through the long version, click on the cut and enjoy the tale of my rambles ...

Or What I Did on my Autumn Vacation )