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Gather Round Children ...

So ... I was all set to go to Florida for March break with my kids (around March 10th). And my computer started acting wonky (and yes, that is the technical term). No big deal, left the computer at home. After the aching loss passed, I spent time beside the pool, at Disney, at a horse show with blazing sun and no shade. Then I used the kid's laptop to surf LJ.

Got back from Florida, computer officially NOT working.

No problem, I gots warranty. Bring computer in, nice man says he'll fix it, all is good. I can always check LJ at work, right? Wrong, the stupid VPN firewall blocks all "social networking" sites. Okay, not so bad, will check email. Wrong, Google says "What email?" Hmmm, maybe I've misremembered the password. Knew I shouldn't have gone with the auto-fill-in thingie. This is not good.

Get computer back ten (working) days later. Yay! Fixed! Except, not. I still have no gmail. Send gmail a "I've forgotten my password" note. Get back a "You don't got no account" note. I am puzzled, perplexed even.

And then ... my computer proceeded to eat itself. Complete meltdown, not even a blue screen of death, just died ... ded ded ded. I must say, I was not happy with the guy who fixed it before. He knows that now. He said he'd get it back to me as soon as possible, which ended up being three days before I moved.

They've resurrected my baby. She works okay now. But I gots no gmail and I doubt I ever will. They maintain I never had an account. Except ... I emailed my account and it didn't bounce back. Argh! And I lost most of what I had saved on the hard drive. Including the thousand words and outline I had written for Big Bang.

So, to make a short story long ... I have been without MY computer for much of the last month and a half. Oh, I could surf boring shit at work. And I could use the kid's computers to check my email (if I could get gmail to admit I had any). But I have been without porn, people. This is just wrong.

Please, tell me what I've missed. Link me to stuff, rec stuff to me, Sweet Jesus, I need to catch up!

Oh, and if you need to get a hold of me, try me at kradey at hotmail dot com. I just don't have the energy to go changing my profile right now.
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